We are delighted to introduce Kara, made in partnership with UPMC CancerCenter. Designed for use on a mobile phone or tablet, you can see Kara at

Made with the Integrative Oncology team at UPMC CancerCenter in Pittsburgh, Kara is a free-to-use mobile site which contains a range of guided mindfulness meditations designed to support people affected by cancer. People with cancer face a wide range of emotional and physical difficulties and by including a wide variety of mindfulness techniques, Kara provides people with tools to develop their ability to be calm, resilient and kind to themselves in what are of course deeply challenging times.

Kara contains twelve tracks. Four of the tracks are designed to develop kindness, awareness, rest and allowing which together are the four key qualities which give Kara its name. Eight additional tracks for dealing with specific emotions and difficult experiences are also available such as for when someone is feeling overwhelmed, can’t sleep or is in pain. The website includes reflections to read which allow people to have a deeper understanding of what meditation is and how the principles and practices of mindfulness apply to the experience of being with cancer. Kara also features stories very generously shared by buddhify users of how they have used mindfulness through their own journey with cancer.

Kara is a special project for us here at Mindfulness Everywhere and our hope is that it reaches the people who might benefit from it. Please do share Kara with anyone who you think might find it useful.


The process of making Kara


Director of Mindfulness Everywhere, Rohan Gunatillake, is writing a series of posts about the process of making Kara over on Medium. We will update the following list as these are published.

Announcing Kara
Rohan’s first post is about the beginning of Kara, how it came to be and the initial decisions behind the name, design and concept.

6 Key Design Decisions Behind Kara
Interested to know why we made a mobile site over an app? Or how we arrived at the final twelve tracks? This post is a deep dive into 6 of the bigger design decisions we made when planning Kara, why these elements came to be and what made them stick.


Press & Media


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