Introducing Mindfulness Games

Rohan GunatillakeNew Products

We’re delighted today to announce Mindfulness Games, a new product from 21awake.

Mindfulness Games are games that we have specially designed to develop your awareness, calm and compassion through play. We have published instructions for nine games to start with, and importantly they are games you play with other people and in ‘real life’.  

Oh and they are really fun. And have really fun names.

Re-Imagining the Meditation Class.
As a creative company, what 21awake does is solve mindfulness problems. And the problem that Mindfulness Games solves is that meditation classes are boring. What would it be like if a mindfulness class looked more like a games night instead of a stuffy lecture? What if we could learn about ourselves in a way that is both playful and social? Mindfulness Games realises that ambition and thereby – like buddhify – provides a new, accessible way for a whole new set of people to get into meditation. Importantly they are also really great for children.

The Importance of Creativity.
While the popularity of mindfulness continues to grow and grow, many of the ways it is presented lack imagination. We call 21awake a creative studio because we look to frame and present mindfulness in radically new but authentic ways. So while the vast majority of resources right now in the meditation world are going into research, we believe the the scarcity in the system is not research, it’s creativity.

Mindfulness with Friends.
While the is a popular perception the mindfulness is an individual sport, historically meditation practice has actually always been social. Unfortunately much of how meditation is presented nowadays ignores that emphasis on community and so Mindfulness Games places the joy of being with other people front and centre of our mindfulness experience. Everything is better when we do it with other people and meditation and mindfulness is no different.

Learning through Play.
People love games. We love games. And as keen gamers we know how important playfulness and fun can be to help us learn new skills. Meditation teaches us how to grow our awareness, calm and compassion and Mindfulness Games take game mechanics that you are already familiar with – be that thumb war, battleships and common card games – and presents them with a new twist so that the very act of playing them grows our positive qualities. 

Made by People who Understand Mindfulness and Games. 
buddhify was the natural result of our deep personal experience of working out how to practice meditation while in a busy urban environment, Mindfulness Games is a the natural result of combining our love of meditation practice and play. However since being a keen gamer doesn’t mean you’re a good game designer, we worked with Alex Fleetwood, whose company Hide&Seek pioneered so much in the world of games, art & play in their five years of operation.

What Happens Now.
The nine games you’ll find at are the first set that we have created. These games will continue to be play-tested and refined over the coming months and we would love to hear your feedback.  We also plan to create more games under the overall Mindfulness Games brand and if there is sufficient interest, we will also create physical game kits and related app and mobile versions.

Stop Reading This…
And go to and play the games with your friends. Or with strangers.

And if you think this idea is as important and powerful as we do, tell us what you think about the games, join the mailing list and we will keep the conversation going.

Mindfulness Games was incubated in partnership with Ginsberg and alt-w.  Special thanks also to Kenneth Folk, whose pioneering teaching of the pop noting technique is the basis of many of the games.

Mindfulness Games will be launched and playtested tonight (Friday April 11th) as part of the LateLab series of events at the Edinburgh International Science Festival. Tickets are now sold out.